The gallery presentation

„ If you want to build a ship do not drum up people to collect wood and do not assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Welcome to the virtual world of INNOART!

This motto has been used several times in the one-and-a-half decades old life of our family enterprise. We decided to establish the gallery because of similar reasons. We felt that a small corner is needed where anybody can touch and feel the world which is radiant by the pieces of art. We would like to help to develop and bring closer the enthusiasm with personal meetings and through this virtual area. We are working hard on placing more and more information about our artists and their works on our website. You can follow our exhibitions, and buy directly. We would like to be different a little bit from the others so bring innovation for the galleries with the works of contemporary photo artist, glass artists and sculptors. And to give this innovation to You, dear visitor. You do not have to do anything else for this just to surf on this site. Browse our gallery to get closer to the worlds created by our artists. Visit us in Szentendre where an other artist introduces themselves each month and shares their thoughts, feelings, and culture with us. We hope you will find a which you would like to feel your own. You do not have to do anything else for it just register yourself. Only our registered visitors can use our services.

We wish you a pleasant relaxation and pastime during the visit of our gallery.


Barta Emese                                                               Barta-E. Gyula